Wedding Portraits at the Louvre

kristina & arthur

I have always dreamed of a destination wedding. There is just something especially romantic about flying into a location you've only imagined and tying the knot in a place that suddenly means so much. It genuinely sounds like a fairytale.

But it's not always possible to wed at a dream destination for one reason or another. 

Cue Kristina & Arthur! 

It's never too late to have wedding photos of you and your partner. Married for two years, Kristina & Arthur donned some luxe wedding attire and recaptured those first moments of wedded bliss on this amazing day in Paris. 

We started at the Palais-Royal. Busier than normal with the Paris Marathon in town, the courtyard was busy, but not too busy for a few locations in the yard. 

From there, it was a quick walk to the Louvre, a museum home to some amazing art from my favorite artists. A spin around the famed pyramids and a stop at an amazing door did just the trick.

Your portrait session doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter hour. Instead, Kristina and Arthur opted for a relaxed, full-day session, where they got to explore these two iconic locations, have a relaxed lunch break, and change into another glamorous gown.

Yep, Kristina traded her chiffon victorian gown for a beaded beauty before they went out for dinner on the town. The last, and most iconic stop? The Eiffel Tower at sunset. 

With a vintage Rolls-Royce, we parked on the bridge to take in the sunset. A few sweet kisses in the back of the cab and a some smiles with the tower behind were the perfect conclusion for a couple's session in the City of Lights.

And there you have it--the Parisian wedding inspiration for your adventurous, yet elegant spirit. My favorite takeaway: it's never to late to get the photos you've dreamed of, and it's never too early to let your hair down.

It is, however, possible to have amazing photos at one.


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