Jungle Oasis Wedding in PVR

Kyle & Erin

This amazing destination wedding on the shores of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico started at the Hyatt Ziva, where Kyle & Erin's closest group of friends and family enjoyed each other's company leading up to the day. When it was time, we all boarded a ferry and from the marina in PVR, we toured a marine sanctuary and followed the vast coastline, the rising sun brushing across the mountaintops and highlighting the jungle we were nearing.

A private beach nestled at the end of Puerto Vallarta's reaches, this jungle oasis was the perfect setting for Kyle & Erin. While there are all-day activities the ensure you've got an endless stream of things to do, the bridal suite is well away from the hustle and next door to the massage house. 

As we wandered up winding, sandy pathways, by floating hammocks, flamingos and a bamboo forest, the anticipation for the day began to build.

We were in literal paradise. 

Colorful and expansive, the grounds of Las Caletas needed no additional decor. The blooming trees and occasional macaw and flamingo were all the pop needed. A simple palm arbor on the beach and candle-lit reception on the terrace only added to the atmosphere of the day.

I cannot say this enough, but the simplistic beauty of this place left me speechless. I wandered the property for hours until the ladies were nearly ready, taking in the scenery, photographing a gallery of perfect details, and developing footage for the dreamiest destination film.

From the ocean-side I dos, a hilariously rapped matron of honor speech, and dancing in the ocean as the tide came in, the night was capped by fire dancers before boarding a catamaran and heading back to the Hyatt Resort.

Lucky for you, you don't have to just read it about. Take a peek at Kyle & Erin's wedding photography here. Scroll to view the escape.

And then, Las Caletas came into view.


Photo & Film: kay cushman
venue: Las Caletas
Planning: Adventure & vows

 Film: View film here or below


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