An UNICO 20°87° Wedding

Tyler & Taylor

The best weddings, in my opinion, are weddings that are experiences for all involved. Curating something special for your guests is equally important to an enjoyable day as crafting a schedule that allows you to slow down and be in the moment. After all, your wedding day is meant to be FELT. There is so much love and joy and, sometimes, grief, that flows from a wedding. Allowing yourself to absorb the emotions and love on each other simply, as you do every day, is so incredibly important. 

This takes us to UNICO 2087, an amazing all-inclusive resort nestled on the coastline of Mexico between Cancun and Tulum. Adults-only (as the best parties also are), the resort boasts an impressive list of restaurants that's a departure from the typical all-inclusive cuisine. They pride themselves on a diverse menu from sushi to Italian to authentic Mayan dishes. This, along with the many pool options and the beautiful architecture, is why Taylor and Tyler chose to bring some of their closest friends and family to this resort for their wedding week.

Pool parties and group dinners allowed them to settle into the time together and truly enjoy the grounds AND their guests. Their wedding was the grand finale of a week of celebrations and excursions AND the beginning of the best chapter of their lives.

We happened to have one of the hottest days, but the sun gave way to clouds in the middle of the day and lent a cooler breeze as the outdoor ceremony turned to al fresco reception in the Mayan-inspired court in the quieter part of the resort. Surrounded by tall arches, glowing light, and a some of the best friends I've ever seen, T+T's reception was the perfect blend of laughter, tears, and incredible dance moves.

After some post-wedding rest at the resort, they were off to enjoy some private time on their honeymoon, and, honestly, I can't imagine a better way to kick off a new journey.

Their day reminds me of the heart behind marriage and why you have a guest list in the first place. It's not a photoshoot or a modeling experience. It's real. Authentic. Let yourself BE on your wedding day. Breathe it in. Breathe the people in. These are the loved ones who will support your through the rest of your path together. How often are they all in the same room? How often do you get to blend your worlds? 

Let the day unfold as it will. And it will be beautiful. 

This is why destination weddings are my favorite weddings to capture.


Venue: UNICO 20°87°
H&MU: The Styling Trio
Bridal Boutique: Lovely Bride
Gown Designer: Lovers Society
FLORALS: Tulipania
DJ: Mills James weddings
Officiant: Jordan Yawn


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