Stephanie has loved Mitchell since the sixth grade. So when he asked, their wedding was naturally going to be one of tears–after all, you can’t love someone for nearly two decades without a few stories, a few smiles, a few tears, and a whole lot of hugs.

The words I hear whenever I see these images are the final sigh Mitch gave Steph as he completed his vows to her. Between shaky breaths he said, “Oh Stephie, I love you more than words can say.” And sometimes it’s as simple as that.

So on the Western border of Maine, tucked back in the quiet of it’s stream-covered mountains, Steph & Mitch brought their families together to experience a wedding day of laughter and love. It wasn’t a day of parades or pageantry–it was simple, honest, and full of the tangible excitement of two people who have waited most of their lives for this moment.

It’s a simple thing, really, saying “I do.” But the weight of this day and what it means for the future is something I’ll never take for granted. So as I followed Steph & Mitch through the orchards of their venue or down the creaking, antique stairs of a simple farmhouse, the reminder of the meaning of all of this echoed in my mind: it’s us, and nothing else.

And for Stephanie and Mitchell, that was aboundingly true.

Their love is an inspiration. Something that rubs off on you when you see the gentle caresses or the way their hands search for each other. Something that makes you catch your breath just by the way others know they’re meant for each other. There’s nothing ornate about it. Their love is simple and wholesome, a tale as old as time for two gentle souls who couldn’t be better matched.

This is what it’s about, you know. Being. Loving. The core of a celebration that we often overlook in all the logistics and decisions. But at the end of the day, it’s just about two people who love each other and all the people who love them.


Photographer & Videographer: Kay Cushman

Venue: Maple Rock Farm

Florals: Good Buddy Farm

Planner: Karen Petcher

Gown: Andrea’s Bridal

HMUA: Kate Nicholson

Donuts: Sugar N Spice Bakery

DJ: The Music Man

Bar: Chaps Saloon

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Your wedding is not just a celebration. It’s the convergence of two journeys and all the other threads that have brought you to this point. It is momentus. It is the cornerstone of the rest of your timeline together. If that means something to you and your planning team is on the same page, connect with us here. CONTACT US

Autumnal Affair in the Maine Mountains

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