M+M came to me with a clear vision of how they imagined their day.

It’s going to be traditional, but untraditional.

We don’t want to stage images.

We want to be ourselves.

And it was perfect.

There was simple ceremony before portraits, and as we left the chapel to head outside, the wind picked up and a thunderstorm rumbled across the front range of Colorado, sending rain clouds bursting in the distance. The wind was it’s own character, and its romancing of the veil still takes my breath. I’m obsessed with they way the wind can caress or steal.

The rain didn’t bother them. They wanted simple and relaxed, so after a handful of portraits, we went to the reception, which, in M’s words, “Is really just the best cocktail hour.” They did not have their guests sit for a formal meal, but opted instead to elongate the cocktail hour, feast on hors d’oeuvres, and merry on martinis.

Eventually, the storm passed and the evening settled into a night of dancing, couch conversations, and cast aside shoes.

It was truly so them, and you could see the way they loved each other in the way they loved their guests.

For that reason, I chose a few favorites here that reflected a mix of the fun and calm M+M exude together.

Until next time, Colorado.

Untraditional in Denver

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