Paris Boudoir Photography

The definition of Boudoir is simply, “a woman’s private chambers.” Over time, this turned into a phrase that signified more than a room in a house—it alluded to the sensuality of women, the hidden mystery of the elusive female and her secretive ways.

Eventually, boudoir turned into an art expression. A way for women to capture the essence of their feminine nature—something artists have obsessed over for centuries.

This is where our story takes us. On the narrow alley ways of Paris, there’s a black door that leads to a flight of stairs winding to a penthouse suite. Here, two recently engaged lovers paused time for an intimate session that explored their physical connection and documented their easy, morning interactions.

I wanted to be carefully artful with this session and to exemplify the languid nature of lounging in bed and caressing a lover, so I slowed my shutter speed to soften the images and the gestures, keeping a sense of mystery and sensuality in the images.


I believe that moments like these are just as impactful as moments on our wedding days. This greater sense of who we are as a couples or lovers adds to the collective album of our lives together and to the fleeting moments we are allowed to share with the ones we love.

How fitting that we explored this French-inspired classic in a Parisian apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower.


If you’re looking for a unique way to capture the simple intimacy you two have together, a modest boudoir session is exactly the thing. Elegantly sensual without the R rating and in the comfort of a place that feels like home…because it is.

Serving anywhere love takes me, inquire here for a session in your area.

Concept: D’Arcy Benincosa

Design + Planning: Oui, Mon Coeur

H&MU: Alesia Solo

Leisurely Love in Paris

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