Welcoming a new little one into the world? Congrats! If you’re anything like me, excitement takes me to Pinterest. Maybe that’s how you found this blog post! Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Either way, you’re here because you’re curious…

What makes the best nursery for newborn photos?

As it turns out, there are five simple things you can use to make a magazine-worthy nursery and have an amazing setting not just for your newborn portraits, but for all those snuggly photos you’ll take while Baby grows up in that space.

While you might think my first note will be about your nursery design ideas or the colors you choose, that comes later. What is most important might surprise you. Scroll through for six tips and some amazing inspiration images.

1. Time of Day

This might seem odd as the first tip, but scheduling your newborn session at the right time of day is CRITICAL for the lighting of your photos! The best-curated nursery won’t photograph well in dim or harsh light. I schedule all of my newborn sessions between 10am and 1pm whenever possible for optimal light. Why? Because the sun is overhead and the room stays well-lit without having too much harshness.

Don’t be afraid of a pop of light, though. I love some dimension in the highlights and shadows like we see in Baby M’s photo above.

2. Pick a Theme

Yup! Now we’re onto the actual nursery design and decor. Your design doesn’t have to be specific to a content area. You don’t have to have a flower nursery or a space nursery or an ocean nursery. You can opt for neutral boho, like the photo above. If ocean speaks to your soul, then go for it!

Your theme is important because it helps your nursery stay consistent, and that’s the biggest design challenge! Choosing elements the compliment each other as a whole is huge. For bonus points, tie in your maternity session so your wall art will match!

3. Use Soft Colors

If you know me, you know I’m forever a fan of neutrals. There’s something endlessly classic about them. But, that’s not everyone’s jam, and that’s okay. Soft colors doesn’t equal no colors. Grays, beiges, pinks, greens, blues—they’re all perfect for nurseries, but by choosing soft colors, you can accent with pops of navy or mustard or black if you so choose.

The soft colors will help everyone’s skin tones look amazing, and your nursery look timeless and fresh. PLUS, it will be way easier to take amazing images on your phone for your day-to-day photo needs.

4. Add Personal Touches

I’m just as excited as you are to show off that baby name. Whether your personal touch takes the form of Baby’s name or some heirloom item of sentimental value, a personal touch is always a special thing to add to any nursery. This component looks amazing in your album, but it’s also a keepsake for later down the road.

5. Texture is King!

This soft pink nursery is the perfect example of texture. Marc & Julia made Baby L’s nursery look so effortless, but the key here is all of the details above in combination with intentional texture. We see it in a few places here: fuzzy stool, detailed rug, chiffon curtains, wainscoting on the wall, stripes on the bedsheets, lemons on the burb cloth (fun fact, lemon was the theme of Baby L’s shower!).

Combining textures carefully and in the same color family makes for a nursery that immediately feels well designed and cozy. I seriously want to reach into these images and sit in that chair for these reasons. (For more of this newborn session, check out this post.)

Texture can come out in other ways as well! Like through blankets on hooks or birch-wall murals.

6. Make it Lived-In!

I’m not saying to throw dirty socks on the floor (we all know that person—if you don’t, it’s you). I AM saying that it’s okay to have crooked pillows in the laundry and to have clothes hanging on the hooks by the door. To have the blankets a little wrinkled and to have pacifiers in a bowl on the windowsill.

I’m a firm believer that newborn sessions are best when they display connection that is real, organic, and authentic. Bring on the pacifiers and the hand-me-down rocking chairs. Those images that are real will mean more than any stiffly posed one ever will.

So make your nursery YOU and enjoy the experience of creating something for that new addition who is just around the corner. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have the most photo-worthy nursery imaginable.

If you’d like to inquire about a newborn session, we offer them across the country.

Saw some inspirational nursery ideas?

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6 Nursery Ideas for Newborn Photos

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