So, you just got engaged. CONGRATS. I’m so excited for you. While there’s nothing quite like the swooning romance of a proposal, especially during the holiday season, you might be wondering…now what? How does one get from new bling to officially tying the knot? What DO you do once you’re engaged?

While there are a lot of steps before the big day, there are a few, quick things you could be doing right off the bat. Check ‘em out!




1. Take a breath

You just got engaged. You’re amazing, they’re amazing, you’re in love. It’s straight magic. Your mind might still be reeling and reliving the moment. That’s okay. Take some time—how ever much is up to you—but savor this moment together, just the two of you. You can always come back to this article letter. When you’re ready…

2. Call the people you love

There’s no set list of who you should call. Who are you bursting to tell? They deserve an in-person announcement! Don’t let those people find out from someone else or from your Instagram.

3. Schedule a manicure

Your hand is going to be in the spotlight for a while. Treat yourself to a manicure to complete the look. You’re probably going to want to post a selfie later, so you’ll want to be looking your best. Plus, who doesn’t love a good manicure?




4. Get insurance

Yep, this is a thing. Just like you insure your house and the contents of it, that beautiful, glittering puppy deserves to have some protection. All you have to do is call your homeowner’s insurance and add your ring. It’s pretty common and won’t cost you that much!

5. Size that baby

Usually engagement rings don’t fit on the first go unless it’s a stroke of luck or you’ve done some talking beforehand. This is going to be REALLY hard, but you can do it. Especially if your ring is falling off your finger—pack it up! You’ll need to send your ring in to get it sized. Only a jeweler can do this for you, so your best bet is talking to the store where the ring was purchased.




6. Inhale, exhale…again

We’re saying it twice because it’s important! It’s crucial to pace yourself, especially as you begin planning. This is an incredible time for you two. Make it last! Enjoy a relaxing night in and just exist.

7. Think about a budget

Okay so the initial tasks have been accomplished. You’ve made sure your ring is perfect and everyone who should know, knows. Now it’s time for the big picture! And the first step is deciding just what kind of bash you’re going to throw. There’s a lot that goes into this, so if you need some help with how to set your wedding budget, check out this blog post!

8. Think about a date

Now you have a budget and an idea of who is coming (see the budget article I mentioned earlier), you can think about a date. Military schedules and the need for on/of season prices at venues can help you narrow this down. Popular dates include doubles or repeats (10/10/2020 or 12/1/21) and holiday weekends. If you go with anything during high wedding season, make sure to book your vendors ASAP.




9. Think about your vendors

Your vendors aren’t just providing a service and bidding adieu. They are critical to the overall design of your day. Selecting vendors that mesh well with you and your vision can take a bit of time. Start early! If you aren’t sure who to contact or when, check out this blog post! The general rule is that your venue & planner go first. Your photographer is third!

10. Think about breathing…again

Okay, we’ve mentioned this a lot, but seriously. Pace yourselves! Wedding planning is SO much fun, and if you start early, you’ll be able to relax as you plan. Life will be so much better, we promise. Be in love.

There you have it! Ten quick steps to kick start planning your wedding. Not so complicated, huh? For more information about our wedding photography and videography collections, check out the portfolio. Planning your wedding isn’t scary, we promise! We’re here to help.


First 10 things to do once you’re engaged!

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