Senior Spokesmodel

Our spokesmodel program is currently closed for the 2021-2022 school year.


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We are SO excited to share the details of the Senior Spokesmodel Program with you! After a successful first year, the 2022 program is gearing up to be even more amazing!

And there is SO. MUCH. TO. SHARE. We could absolutely gush over all day, but for simplicity’s sake, We’ve listed everything out below! Keep scrollin’.



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While there’s an official contract with all of this good stuff plainly written out, here’s the basics:




As a spokesmodel you’ll have the chance to enjoy:

exclusive, free events

make new friends

learn about different creative professions

model to your heart’s content

earn cash back for referrals

receive some goodies

If it sounds awesome, that’s because it is. Don’t forget to check out the expectations!


Senior Spokesmodels attend:

+ Team photo shoots

Spokesmodels have the opportunity to work with local vendors to create a styled shoot! Get your hands wet in the world of photography or floristry or H&MU. Use your creative group juices to think of a theme. See your vision come to live AND get to model in with your spokesmodel team while having your hair and make up professionally done.

+ Personal senior session

A classic senior session dedicated to just you and whoever you bring with you. You’ll have the luxe edition, which means professional hair & make up and an hour or more of your very own glamor shots.

+ Team events

Your spokesmodel team won’t just be a great group of girls, but your teammates for the next 9 months! So we’ll be hanging out and getting to know each other. These events have little to no financial participation on your part!

Maybe we’ll go get brunch, or maybe you’re an adventurous team that wants to take a stab at a hiking Katahdin. Maybe you just want to drive to Portland to go shopping for a day! Events revolve around you & your team and are fun, carefree, and casual.

Last year’s events included a day exploring Bar Harbor and an afternoon of mini golf & ice cream.





How do you participate?

Sound like something you’re excited about? AWESOME! We are so excited. There are a few conditions that spokesmodels have to meet, but they’re no big deal. Spokesmodels must:

+ View Expectations

be excited about having their hair & makeup professionally done

post a least 4 B&P photos/month to social media

agree to only promote Blossom & Pine Media during their commitment

purchase the luxe senior session (1.5 hours + H&MU >> $400)*

agree to only use Blossom & Pine Media for senior photos during their commitment

agree to attend free events and photo shoots

*While there is an upfront financial commitment from spokesmodels, you can earn ALL that money back in referrals! If you refer a friend, you earn $25 in cash back! Pretty sweet, right?




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You are amazing. We’re probably going to do a happy dance as soon as we read your application, and we are SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU. The spokesmodel program is stuffed to the brim with value and experience, and we are so pumped to share that with you.

The application is below! Take your time filling it out, and don’t refresh the page or you’ll have to start over! Once you’re happy with your answers, hit send! We’ll review applications and reach out to those 3-7 ladies who fit best as a part of this year’s team!

Don’t forget, as a thank you for applying, if you aren’t selected, you’ll still receive 15% off the senior collection of your choice. <3