I had the pleasure of working with Sara & Derek when their extended family came up to visit this fall for a Maine vacation from Ohio. It was such a fun coincidence finding out that Columbus (where I earned by BA) was a special place to these folks as well.

Sara & Derek bought some land in this lovely state and wanted to share the amazing view with the fam when they had come up this fall! But it was wet. It had rained for three or four days, was windy, and everything was a soupy goopy mess, so we made lemonade (figuratively) and took photographs on firmer ground.

A few months ago, however, Sara asked me about getting some photos of her family in their new (wintery) surroundings. I can’t wait to see the home they build! With this view, it can only be amazing. I am so humbled to work with this family again and love the connections this crazy fun job lets me build. Ohio and Maine in one place. Go bucks!














Winter Maine Family Photography

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Typy type type words more words CREATIVE TEAM: Venue: Riverside Farm Photography: Kay Cushman Band: Silver Arrow Florals:

wedding photo of bride and groom in front of staircase covered in flowers looking joyful

The most stunning of days, with the clouds pulling back only to peek back in, desperate to be a part of the joy, M&S tied the knot. Their oceanfront vows were drenched in sun. S&M opted for a timeless aesthetic of pearl and champagne, which followed them into their reception at the Stone House, fresh blooms spilling from every pathway.

The words I hear whenever I see these images are the final sigh Mitch gave Steph as he completed his vows to her. Between shaky breaths he said, “Oh Stephie, I love you more than words can say.” And sometimes it’s as simple as that.

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