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Hey, friend! I’m Kay! Chicken momma, s’more lover, terrible guitar player, bacon mac & cheese expert, history nerd, snarly hair hater…

I started photography while finishing college in Ohio where I studied stories of the written kind. Enchanted by expression, I fell into the visual version of story-telling.

I’ve been photographing weddings for three years and I’ve loved every second of it. Inspired after living in Europe and exploring the streets of Dublin, Barcelona, Prague, etc., I realized that stories aren’t stationary and are full of movement and life. They must express some sort of emotion or feeling. So, I capture emotion as it’s unfolding to tell the story of YOUR journey–big moment, or small–through photo & video.

My style is genuine, romantic, and emotion-filled! I capture of the atmosphere of the location and love love love bright and airy images with pops of color.


Things that make me happy…

A rainy day with a good book

My adorable golden retriever baby


Hallmark Christmas movies

Visiting new countries—9 down!

This job (in case you can’t tell)





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I wish I could tell you that I have figured out exactly what I want from life. I haven’t, but what I HAVE discovered is that not knowing is part of the journey. I’ve learned that it’s okay to change your mind and the only expectations you should worry about are your own. I know that being real and genuine isn’t common, but admirable. I’ve learned that life is tragic and beautiful and all of those moments and the moments in-between should be captured before they’re lost, before the people are lost, so you can remember all the smiles before you can’t hug your mommas anymore.

I know how important these moments will be to you. I believe in the power and the love they will hold. So thanks for trusting me with that. I can’t wait to help you tell your story.



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